Patriot Ambulance provides Emergency and Non-Emergency transport to the sick and injured 24/7. Facilities in the area of our non-emergent service area are encouraged to contact our dispatch center for patient transport.  We can provide personnel for event details on a case by case basis.  Event coordinators are encouraged to contact us to see if we are able to help.

Advanced Life Support (ALS): our ALS vehicles are staffed with the highest trained professionals and are equipped with the latest technology of patient monitoring. Our ALS units provide the highest level of prehospital care in an emergency or during an inter-facility transport. Our units use advanced technologies such as EZIOZoll monitors with Capnography capabilities and EMV+ Portable ventilators to provide the best patient care possible.

Basic Life Support (BLS): our BLS vehicles are staffed with two state certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and handle emergency and non emergency work. BLS units are staffed with the industry’s best equipment from Zoll AED Plus to Stryker stair chairs that minimize the risk of back injury and provides a safer extrication method for our patients.

Event Details: Events that require EMS personnel to stand by on scene can be staffed with any combination of the above certification level depending on the needs of the event.  Event coordinators can request a single EMT with first aid equipment all the way up to a fully equipped and staffed ambulance with two Paramedics.  We encourage staff to contact us to discuss the options available to them.

~General Service Area~