Communications Dispatcher – Job Description Summary:

Under supervision, this position performs a variety of skills and semi-skilled functions in support of the dispatch center; receives and dispatches emergency and non-emergency calls from the public for the police, Fire and Ems Personal and other services; provides EMD direction and participates in the work of a dispatcher/call taker and performs other duties as assigned.
Primary Responsibilities:
Displays leadership and sets an example of professionalism and conduct and sets the standard for the employees to follow, adhering to STARCARE principles.

The fundamental reason this classification exists is to operate EMS Computer-Aided Dispatching equipment to quickly and accurately receive and transmit information of an emergency nature for Patriot Ambulance Inc. and contracted communities. Work involves evaluating incoming calls to determine the appropriate level of emergency medical service (EMS) assistance required, dispatching units, and transmitting information and messages upon request and/or according to established procedures. Employees are expected to demonstrate extensive communications skills and to exercise considerable judgment under pressure. Work is performed under the general direction of a Communications Manager who is available for immediate consultation on any situation. Shift work is required.

Tasks and Duties

Operates a EMS Computer-Aided Dispatching console consisting of a multi- button telephone system, base radio, and computer terminal;

Answers incoming calls and extracts necessary information from callers;

Evaluates incoming calls to determine the nature and urgency of the call;

Dispatches the appropriate Fire/EMS unit(s);

Keeps track of the status and location of all EMS personal and vehicles;

Transmits messages and information to Fire/EMS units responding to calls;

Provides emergency medical self-help to citizens while EMS units are en route;

Contacts outside agencies and other City departments to coordinate aid (i.e., CMED, contacts the Police Department for police assistance);

Answers routine questions or refers calls to appropriate agencies on non-Fire/EMS inquiries;

Consults supervisor on non-routine matters;

Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.