Mission: Our mission at Patriot Ambulance is to give the communities and customers we serve superior pre-hospital patient care through a dedicated and caring workforce, excellence in training and advanced technologies while being a steward to our community partners.

Vision: Patriot Ambulance will continue to be the leading provider of pre hospital services while evaluating sustainable growth without compromising clinical excellence.

Values: STARCARE (used with permission of Thom Dick)


Were my actions safe-for me, for my patient, for my colleagues, for other professionals, my organization, and for the public?


Were my actions taken with due regard for the opinions and feelings of my co-workers, including those from other agencies?

Attentive to human needs:

Did I treat my patient/customer as a person? Did I keep him/her warm?  Was I gentle? Did I tell him/her what to expect in advance?  Did I treat his/her family and/or relatives with similar respect?


Did I act toward my patient, my colleagues, my teammates from other agencies, the hospital staff and the public with the kind of respect that I would have wanted to receive myself?

Customer Accountable:

If I were face-to-face right now with my customer, could I look them in the eye and say “I did my very best for you”


Were my actions appropriate-medically, professionally, legally, and practically, considering the circumstances I faced?


Did my actions make sense?  Would a reasonable colleague of my experience have acted similarly, under the same circumstances?


Were my actions fair and honest in every way?  Are my answers to these questions?